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Rockfish season opens with a bang

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Full Throttle Sportfishing was featured in the Times-Standard article “Rockfish season opens with a bang:”

Over on the Seasweasel, captain Gary Blasi ( and his clients have been mainly targeting Pacific Halibut. Sunday he put two in the boat, including a 47.5 lb. dandy. On Monday he again ran to the halibut waters 300 ft. offshore with a family of four on board. After reaching the fishing grounds, he put the boat in neutral, and then watched as three of his four anglers turned a few shades of green. Needless to say, he was back fishing in the bay where the leopard sharks and rays were “biting like crazy”. He gave it another go on Tuesday, but they got beat up pretty good by the weather, but did manage to put three Petroli in the box for his clients. “There’s bait balls the size of football fields and the krill are everywhere, but the wind and the drift is making it nearly impossible to keep your gear on the bottom. Once this wind moves off, the ocean is going to come alive,” Blasi said. Blasi’s booked for weekend, but has days available.

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