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Eureka kings—here and gone?

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Trudy with Salmon
Trudie Haughy of Eureka holds her 30 lb salmon she caught last Sunday off the coast of Eureka. Trudie was fishing with her fiancée Gary Blasi, owner of Full Throttle Sportfishing.

From the Times-Standard article, Fishing the North Coast: Eureka kings – here and gone?

Captain Gary Blasi of Full Throttle Sportfishing has the hot halibut hand of late, putting in limits on just about every trip. According to Blasi’s, you’ve really got to put in some time in order to be successful. Sunday he spent the day fun fishing with his fiancée and it was a day they won’t soon forget, with two fish over 20lbs and one tipping the scales at a whopping 30lbs.

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