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We can smell the Salmon off Eureka!!!!

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 Well now we are just waiting for the Salmon season to be announced here in Eureka. It can be as early as May 7th but probably May 21st opener. Can’t wait to get the lines in the water. Halibut opens May 1st and is usually very good once we locate them. As most of you know we have the most experience fishing Pacific halibut out of all the boats on the north coast, and the highest catch rate! Our boat is not huge, but it is very safe and a halibut catching machine! So if you want to come out for a day of fishing with the best chance to catch a halibut book now! Or how about Salmon and Halibut we offer these trips as well. Does it get any better Alaska style fishing right here in Eureka! If you need a place to stay check out the Blue Lake Casino hotel packages we offer. Talk to you soon!

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