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Pacific Halibut on tap for 2013!

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 Yep, we will focusing on Pacific halibut alot more this season because it will most likely be our last to d0 so. The Iphc is putting the brakes on our halibut fishing because we’ve been catching to many. Well not really, our quota was set way back when we did not have anyone fishing for these tastey critters. Ever since we started fishing for them and doing seminars things have changed and everyone has been fishing for halibut. They need to do a survey and figure out population status off of our coast to really figure things out. Hopefully this will get done in a timely manner but we can only keep our fingers crossed. So with all of this being said, why not book with the Charter boat that started the Halibut fishery out of Eureka with very good success! Book now for the 2013 at what might be the last untouched pacific halibut fishery left in California. Remember this is the boat that is the most comfortable to fish halibut, as well as the boat that fishes 360 degree of walk around deck!

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