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Featured in SF Chronicle Fishing Report


Full Throttle Sportfishing was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Fishing Report:

Gary Blasi captains the F/V Sea Weasel out of Eureka, generally taking groups of four anglers to the fishing grounds. Past two weeks, he has put out just one rod per trip. Any more than the one, and chaos ensues. Blasi: “We put two out one day and had six doubles going. Too much work and we lose too many fish. As fast as the fish are biting, one rod is plenty, believe me.” If you’re not already sick enough, there’s more, like, albacore within 15 miles of shore. Blasi had a charter out for salmon last week but eventually followed the radio calls the few miles to the tuna water. Some of the boats, just to the warm-water side of the silvers and kings, had as many as 50 albies. Blasi’s group of four, with salmon limits in the box, stopped at a dozen longfins landed, between 20 and 35 pounds. In the same water, dorado, yellowtail and bluefin were caught. And if you’re waiting for the caveat, find it here, lector: Blasi and the other skippers have not been out since Saturday, when the wind whistled in and stayed. The forecast is for wind through the weekend, as well. Check your sources, plan accordingly.

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